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September 7, 2013
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HPA- Finnegan Falte by Shiny-Hunter HPA- Finnegan Falte by Shiny-Hunter
actually in reality he is shsl short wow
Name: Finnegan Falte
Age: 14
Height: 4'5"
Weight: 75 lbs
Gender: Male
DOB: March 10th
SHSL: Origamist
Finnegan specializes in pretty much folding paper, or origami. He's pretty great at it, and tends to fold random things when bored or nervous. He began to fold things out of interest, and it became a nice hobby for him.

Ethnicity/Home: English/USA
Extra Features: Glasses, a backpack, paper, and various bandaids on his hands
Weapon: N/A

Finnegan is a very loud guy, to make up for his short stature, and tends to raise his voice in most occasions, especially so around other students. He tends to be very overdramatic on almost everything, as well, and acts like he is above others. Overall, regardless of that disdain he seems to hold, talking to him would actually make him pretty happy. He has some huge enthusiasm for paper for some reason. A very stubborn kid in that, unless you explain things VERY clearly, he'll likely argue to the end of time that he is right.

:bulletblue: Paper
:bulletgreen: Talking to people
:bulletblue: Being listened to
:bulletgreen: Salty foods

:bulletgreen: Being ignored, above all else
:bulletblue:Quiet people
:bulletgreen: Punk rock

Additional Info:
:bulletpurple: He's the type to try and attract attention
:bulletpurple: Doesn't like to express any sort of negative feeling, save for anger
:bulletpurple: Takes his skill very seriously
:bulletpurple: Not very good at talking to girls- he gets a bit blush-y at times.

His family is rather large, with both parents taking care of his 4 brothers. Because the other siblings tended to receive more attention than him, Finnegan would go out of his way to fight for his share. As the origami hobby provided him with the applause he craved, he continued the practice. However, while he flourished in the skill, he remained rather inexperienced in other areas. Finnegan was surprised to get a letter from Hope's Peak, as he didn't consider his skill worthy of the honor. He decided to go and potentially build himself up to be something great- it would garner him the attention that he desperately wanted, after all.

RP Sample:
"Mom!" Finnegan shouted as loudly as he could, but to no effect. His mother and father were both trying to resolve some argument between his younger brothers over toys. Seeing no point in trying further, Finnegan huffed, and went into his room, holding a letter. Figures that no one would notice. He tore open the letter of invitation to Hope's Peak Academy. He'd actually known about it before this through e-mail about a week ago, but they sent this letter out of some tradition, or something. The paper simply gave an address, with a generic welcome to the school, which hopes that he'll be one of the many symbols of hope residing there... Finnegan gave a loud, triumphant laughed- something he had practiced before. Now I can actually get somewhere...!
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okay i have since moved accounts but you made me laugh a lot when i was checking group stuff on here thank you friend
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